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SNAPSHOT | Just as Spring after Winter, the wood element activates our growth, rebirth and renewal. -- it's the rise of energy that takes action and gets things done. As one out of the traditional 5 elements, we look to wood energy for vision, creativity and leadership. It's the element that desires purpose and is the energy that bursts forward to create new life or begin a new cycle.

Anger is the emotion that relates to the wood element, and when this element is off-balance, irritability, pain, depression, and mood swings dominate. However, we can learn to process these feelings to truly transform our lives. With wood element virtues like vision, strength, and courage, we have the power to renew ourselves and propel forward with inspired action. 

The Rituals are practiced as an holistic approach to fully alchemize our most beautiful selves, but to also act as a conduit to help us to embody the virtues expressed by each element. The Rituals section (below) gives details for how to incorporate wood element energy into multiple areas of your wellbeing.  


SKINCARE + BEAUTY |  Time to spring clean our skin! Out of balance wood element can show up as uneven tone, excess oiliness, congestion, blackheads, blemishes or acne, and enlarged pores. Earth element skin rituals will help to remove dead skin, decongest, improve circulation, clear, and brighten the complexion. The eyes and eyelashes are also ruled by wood energy and need strength to flourish. SHOP wood element skin product below. 


ELEMENTAL NUTRITION | While it's best to stick to a mostly balanced diet, our bodies might need a boost of wood element ingestibles every now and again (especially during Springtime). Here are some examples: Yogurt, pickled veggies, lettuce or other salad greens, dandelion, arugula, kimchi, and any in-season fruits/veggies. It's especially important for wood element types to limit heavy and greasy foods -- This is the time to begin eating lighter meals and adding drinks like lemon water or peppermint/chamomile/matcha tea.

MOVEMENT | Wood energy loves to get moving!  This movement can be as simple as purposeful breathing exercises, stretching (rib openers, hip stretches or side twists) or walking, or it can be more involved like running, sports, or high intensity work outs like marital arts and kick boxing. Just be mindful to not overdo it -- everything in balance.

AROMATHERAPY | Essential oils used for strengthening the wood element include oils like lavender, chammomilebergamot, lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, sandalwood, vetiver, or woodsy scents. These will help move stagnation and ground us.

MINDFULNESS | Sleep is essential self-care to re-energize wood energy. Embracing the outdoors or spending time among trees, gardening, hiking, or even walking will do wonders to balance + strengthen the wood element in us. Expressing how the body is feeling also helps balance this energy -- this could be journaling or punching the air or jumping up and down when excited. Lastly, vision exercises and meditations focusing on the third eye, intuition, creativity can bring our attention to next moves that align with our purpose.

SPACES |  Fueling our spaces with wood energy enhances creativity, innovation and kindness. By adding plants, decorating with rectangular shapes, and using colors like green, blue, and teal, we can feel supported and strengthen our endeavors with a stable foundation. 


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DISCLAIMER | Information ritual practices are intended as a way to enhance awareness, mindfulness, and self-care. Please seek the advice of your medical professionals to ensure that your safety and health will not be affected.
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