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SNAPSHOT | Just thinking about water -- Lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, rain drops, even swimming pools -- calms our energy and brings us into a flowing state. Water has power, depth + the freedom to change form. As one out of the traditional 5 elements, we look to water energy for vitality. It guides our ability to flow through life and overcome the obstacles that are thrown our way and also drives our will power to conquer limitations and achieve our goals.

Fear is the emotion that relates to the water element. But don't let that scare you! ; ) We all must meet our fears and decide what to do with it. With Water Element virtues like wisdom, courage, and strength, we have the power to work through, release, and confront our fears, allowing us to overcome those things that scare us and move forward without the baggage.

The Rituals are practiced as an holistic approach to fully alchemize our most beautiful selves, but to also act as a conduit to help us to embody the virtues expressed by each element. The Rituals section (below) gives details for how to incorporate water element energy into multiple areas of your wellbeing.  





SKINCARE + BEAUTY | Even though our outward appearance reflects our inner health and wellbeing, we must still repair, replenish and protect our skin from the outside. Luckily, when something is amiss and off balance within our bodies, our outer appearance often shows it. An off balance water element can show up as dry, sallow and/or sensitive skin and darker circles or puffiness under the eye might be present. Hair loss is possible too. Water element rituals will all help to hydrate, repair, and diminish sensitivities, dark circles, puffiness, and restore vitality to the skin and hair. SHOP water element skin product below. 


ELEMENTAL NUTRITION | Water element plays to our salty sense of taste while also looking for hydrating and nourishing food + drink. While it's best to stick to a mostly balanced diet, our bodies might need a boost of water element ingestibles every now and again (maybe especially during the winter season). Here are some examples: Nuts, seeds, dark colored berries, legumes, root vegetables, salt water fish + shellfish, broths, stews, whole grains, and seaweed. Water types also love warming up with spices like ginger, cardamom, and garlic. 

MOVEMENT | Calm, flowing and reflective movements are what water elements thrive on. Purposeful stretching, Yoga + Tai Chi are among the exercises that bring water element types back to their bodies. 

AROMATHERAPY | Essential oils used for strengthening our water element include floral oils like geranium, jasmine, and ylang ylang that help us to connect with the deeper parts of our selves, lifts our spirits and brings our inner beauty outward. Basil is also a great option for combating fatigue + depression and aids with focus + memory. 

MINDFULNESS | As the most Yin of the elements, the water element calls on us to bring focus to our inner world.  By practicing our meditation, yoga, breath work, journaling and dreamwork, we can reflect and discover more of ourselves.  

SPACES | Water needs flow. Incorporating the water element into the spaces around us creates an atmosphere for increased abundance and the necessary energy of calm to enhance our wellbeing. Try adding -- a mirror, water feature, round or wavy objects, colors of blue, black, or grey, vase of flowers, or objects depicting oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes.

You overflow with authentic power.


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