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SNAPSHOT | The Earth element holds our center of gravity -- it's the stable anchor from where we can safely experience change and growth. As one out of the traditional 5 elements, we look to earth energy for balance, harmony, and stability. It's the element that rules our connection to ourselves and others and gives us the ability to feel deep gratitude and nurture ourselves on all levels.

Worry is the emotion that relates to the earth element, and when this element is off-balance, anxiety, overthinking, and fatigue dominate. However, we can learn to process these feelings to truly transform our lives. With earth element virtues like empathy, nurturing, and connection, we have the power to remain rooted, focused, and well-nourished. This helps fuel all element systems from a stable foundation of giving and receiving. 

The Rituals are practiced as an holistic approach to fully alchemize our most beautiful selves, but to also act as a conduit to help us to embody the virtues expressed by each element. The Rituals section (below) gives details for how to incorporate earth element energy into multiple areas of your wellbeing.  


SKINCARE + BEAUTY |  Out of balance earth element can show up as uneven tone, congestion, blemishes or acne, enlarged pores, eczema/psoriasis, or pigmentation. Earth element rituals will help to hydrate, smooth, brighten and diminish inflammation, pigmentation while nourishing, harmonizing + rebalancing the skin. SHOP earth element skin product below. 


ELEMENTAL NUTRITION | Earth element connects to our tastebuds with sweet and grounding flavors. While it's best to stick to a mostly balanced diet, our bodies might need a boost of earth element ingestibles every now and again (especially during the late summer + in-between seasons). Here are some examples: honey, potatoes (especially sweet potatoes), other root vegetables (carrots, beets, radish, parsnips), foods from the harvest (corn, whole wheat, rice), and any in-season fruits/veggies. It's also the time to warm things up with ginger, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, and nutmeg.

MOVEMENT | Getting grounded and finding our center is the goal of the earth element. Purposeful stretching,  dancing, running, Yin Yoga + Tai Chi are among the exercises that help stabilize earth element types. Although, gardening should also be included - since this activity works directly with the earth.

AROMATHERAPY | Essential oils used for strengthening the earth element include grounding and earthy oils like patchouli, neroli, myrrh, sage, anything evergreen, and vetiver which help us to connect with the deeper parts of our selves, and also uplifting oils like grapefruit, tea tree, and orange which raise our spirits. 

MINDFULNESS | Meditation, earthing (bare feet to ground), cooking, singing, and watching what we mentally take in will do wonders to balance + strengthen the earth element in us.   

SPACES |  The trick to growth is receiving support and nourishment from the world around you. Balancing the earth element in your spaces creates the ability to root the mind, body + spirit. Decor materials like clay, ceramic, wood, and natural linen, along with colors like tans, yellows, browns, and some orangey-reds bring feelings of safety and stability and allow a firm foundation to center our decisions.  

You harmonize with balance + love


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DISCLAIMER | Information ritual practices are intended as a way to enhance awareness, mindfulness, and self-care. Please seek the advice of your medical professionals to ensure that your safety and health will not be affected.
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